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1) Use Caution when cleaning glass or mirrors with any cleaner that has ammonia in it.  If you are working over a carpet, ammonia will leave a
    permanent discoloration if it drips onto the carpet or area rug.

2) Do not use cleaning products that contain bleach on wood surfaces. 

3) To deodorize disposals in kitchen sink, use a half of a lemon, turn on water and run through disposal.

4) To flush disposal, insert drain stopper and fill sink at least halfway. Quickly remove stopper and switch disposal on.

5) Replace toilet bowl brush periodically. 

6) To sanitize and clean sponges, run them through a dish washing cycle.  

7) Cleaning products that contain vinegar are safe to use on granite and other stone surfaces. 

8) To unclog drains, without using harsh chemicals, use baking soda and white vinegar. Sprinkle a few shakes of soda into drain then add a half cup      of vinegar.

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