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by Christine Quadrino (561) 289-3761

Clean Home Services

If you are looking for house, condo or apartment cleaning in Boca Raton, then look no further. I provide many detailed cleaning services so that you can enjoy a clean home. In the following paragraphs, you will see all the Boca Raton cleaning services that I offer.

When I enter a home for the first time, I consult with the client on the proper and most efficient way to start cleaning. Once we assess what is best for that individual, I gather the cleaning products and equipment and start cleaning “from the top down”. This means that I start to clean items that are above eye level. For example, ceiling fans and tops of refrigerators. As I clean, I generally go from one side of a home to another. It is as if I am cleaning in one sweeping motion. If I clean in a zigzag motion it is not as efficient. If I am going to mop a floor I do not stand still and wait for a floor to dry. What I do is I back myself into the next room that has to be cleaned.

Whether I am cleaning a kitchen, bathroom or bedroom I will clean and dust counter tops, furniture, blinds, pictures and fixtures before I wash or vacuum the floors. Although there are times, depending on each situation, where I may vacuum first in order not to bring dirt along with me, under foot, as I move around the house. And if needed, I will vacuum the area again before I clean and mop the floor.

My goal is to have repeat customers and the way to do that is to keep everyone happy. You will find that I clean very thoroughly and methodically and I use the right tools and products for each individual task. I will leave your home squeaky clean and neat and tidy. In addition, I give cleaning advice along the way and I will leave your home with a clean, fresh scent.

  • Soft cotton cloth with a light spray cleaner used on wood and/or laminate surfaces.
  • Clear glass cleaner used on mirror and glass surfaces.
  • Long handle duster for ceiling fans and/or soft cotton cloth with light spray cleaner.
  • The use of my supplies and equipment are an additional fee.


  • Laundry services.
  • Any outdoor work.

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